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A unique approach to skin care

Everybody is unique. There is no single approach to inclusive beauty. Our mission is to embrace diversity. We have a qualified team of health professionals ready to prepare skin treatments that's tailored to you!

Why choose us?

1. Our goals & values

Our mission is to embrace representation and diversity in the beauty industry. We understand that everyone is unique, and that real beauty is authentic! Inclusive beauty is about accepting all backgrounds, abilities, genders, sexual identities, skin tones, ages and body types. Considering that Melbourne is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, we understand that beauty is plural. We strive to achieve your desired ideal by respecting your natural beauty, anatomy and unique features.

2. Customised treatment for you

Our compassionate team will respectfully listen to your concerns and wishes. Taking into consideration your ideas and preferences, our health professionals will then build a personalised treatment to achieve your skin care goals.

3. No pressure

There is zero pressure at Moonee Ponds Skin Clinic. We don’t agree with upsell tactics and we will only offer you the most suitable treatment options that will assist you to achieve the results that YOU desire. At our clinic, you are the creator of your beauty journey, and we are only here to facilitate that!


Our skin professionals understand the importance of ensuring our clients are safe, comfortable and at ease in the initial consultation and the following encounters.

4. Price Transparency

We are realistic and aware that the cosmetic industry has been rapidly expanding in Melbourne, and for that reason, we are competitive and transparent with our prices! See Price List


Our price list shows the cost of our services and products. Once you come in for your free initial consultation, our health professionals will be able to evaluate the final cost for your treatment – based on your needs and preferences.

5. Flexible payment options

We believe beauty is for everyone! For this reason, we offer a variety of payment methods and payment plans to ensure our services are financially viable for you! Keep an eye on our Instagram for package deals and special discounts!

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