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Spider Vein and Capillary Removal

Erase spider veins, blood vessels and broken capillaries for a clearer complexion.

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How does Spider Vein and Capillary removal work?

Broken capillaries and blood vessels, often referred to as spider veins, generally increase in appearance as we age. They can commonly be found on the face and chest and can be caused by genetics and internal and external factors. Performed by our skilled laser technicians, this safe and effective treatment is the fastest way to diminish these imperfections and even skin tone. We recommend three treatments at 3-weekly intervals; however, some clients can see instant results from this non-invasive, walk-in and walk-out treatment.

What to expect during treatment?

The hand-held device pierces the skin at intervals along the capillary and selectively destroys the vein by delivering an electric current through the tip into the skin. The sensation is one of a tiny needle pricking the skin, which is uncomfortable can be helped with our numbing cream.

Spider vein and capillary removal is instant, leaving a lighter coloured trace where it was. This lasts for a few hours. In the following days the surrounding area may then appear a little redder and a micro crust will appear on the tiny wounds created. These will fall off and heal within a few days and any redness in the surrounding tissue returns to normal after a few weeks. Three treatments are recommended for best results.

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